Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I'm adding this new section to my blog called "Slorelebrity ."

Slorelebrity (slor-le-bre-ty) (n) an A-Z list celebrity who does everything possible to get publicity/attention. Slore derived from the compound word - "slut/whore" and -ebritity from the word "celebrity." Hence the word "Slorelebrity." Outlets to display their slorelebrity behavior include but aren't limited to personal blogs, twitter, leaked sex tapes, reality tv shows and semi shaved heads.

Exhibit A
: Perez Hilton
Occupation: blogger
Recent slore-itry behavior: Claims to have been attacked my Will.I.Am from the music group Black Eye Peas

My 2 cents

What I'm not understanding is - Why are you contacting your twitter followers to call the police? Get off Twitter and call the police for your damn self.

So, you were assaulted; did you deserve it? This is a tricky question because I, just like Perez have a big mouth. However, I'm FULLY prepared to back up everything I say. Perez needs to man up and take responsibility as a "blogger." If you talk shit in the playground you better be prepared for a fist fight.My assessment of the world for the 20 something years i've been living is people only age physically not mentally. A majority of things will always resort back to high school. My suggestion to you is enroll into some kickboxing classes and be ready for whoever is dislikes your opinions... I'm just saying.

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