Monday, June 8, 2009

Kid Cudi- Heaven and Nite

Here's an excerpt from Vashtie's blog about "Day and Nite." It makes sense...

"Heaven and Nite video was never finished or even approved ...
(should i write this in caps, like our other favorite bloggers….hmmm, maybe not)

first off, thanks for all of the comments about the video i directed for KID CUDI’s song off the mixtape “HEAVEN AT NITE”. it was a song that i loved and CUDI and i thought it might be fun to do a quick little video for it. we shot it in the SUMMER of 2008, it was super no budget with a small crew who came in for a few hours to make it happen. needless to say, i’m a perfectionist and wasn’t fully happy with the rough edit or graphics and the video was put on hold.

for those of you who may not know, when a music video is shot (with a budget or no budget), the major players (ie: the director, artists, label, etc) have to approve the edit before anything happens with it.

unfortunately, someone who knew this very well - leaked it regardless. had it not been leaked, you all would have been able to view a more polished final product that everyone involved with would have approved…and, you guys would have been the first to see it here.

oh well, “life goes on”.

My commentary

First off, what's with Cudi's obsession with ______ and Nite? Ok, I understand the single "Day and Nite." I'm attempting to understand "Heaven and Nite." If his next single is "Music and Nite" i'm throwing in the towel. True Story. Va$htie's talented ass directed the video. I always knew she was brand new.

I'm gonna come out with a track called "Cupcakes and Nite".. lmao

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