Friday, July 10, 2009

Random Rambles: Bill O'Reilly x Al Sharpton

Bill talked Al into circles with his question about Mike having white children with him being a black man.
Sad to say but, Bill has a point. As soon as I found out the kids were neither Michael's or Debbie Row's and they were in-vitro babies that are 100% white I questioned his motives.
Why white children Mike?
What's wrong with black kids Mike?

I understand the "Heal the World" and "We are the World" hoopla but i'm curious to know was in-vitro producing 100% white kids making you one step closer to achieving what you sang about? I'm not going to hide the fact that i'm pissed he has white children. It has to do with some deep rooted insecurity from other's perception that black people are never good enough. To have a "black" person blatantly proving this is adding fuel to the insecurity fire. I sit and think about Angelina Jolie; Some aren't pleased that she not only flew over seas to adopt kids when we have pickings of orphans in the US of A but they are also from different racial backgrounds. Call me crazy but I seem to think Angelina differs from Michael. The vibe that I seem to continually get from Michael is self-hate. Also the whole world knows Angelina adopted, Michael on the other hand tried to pass those kids off as if they were created from his sperm. Just think about the identity issues these children will have to deal with when they age. All 3 white children.

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