Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I've got mixed feeling about this Kanye issue ..

When Kanye first pulled that stunt on Taylor Swift I thought it was full as shit. I mean come on, he's known for his antics at award shows, his blog, shit even that hurricane relief fund that was broadcasted on national television. When you pay attention solely to Kanye and disregard Taylor the footage is a riot. I'm just a big lover of ballsy people. Shoot me. We all made the twitter jokes and retweeted everyone's jokes. I don't know about you but about 80% of the people I follow thought it was funny as well.

I began to wonder how Taylor allowed Kanye to grab the mike from her in the first place. Taylor is 19 years old, I knew how to defend myself from bullies at age 7. Maybe even younger then that thanks to my 2 older brothers. If it was me in that position, no one would have gotten that close to me that wasn't apart of my entourage. This is MY moment. Kanye is always up to no good and I'm 3 steps ahead of you. It's funny how Kanye has lost to plenty of artists but he didn't rush the stage to interrupt their speech. Yet he does it on Beyonce's behalf? Would he have done this if Suge Knight was accepting an award? He know who he's able to get away with that kind of behavior with. Any other person wouldn't have hesitated to smack him silly. So, the aftermath rolls around to the next day and everyone is upset at Kanye. I replayed the clip. Paused.

I stopped looking at Kanye for a moment and payed attention to Taylor. The expression on her face was so sad. I felt horrible. then the reports came out - "This was her first award." "She was the first country singer to receive a VMA." I felt even worse. Taylor also did a guest appearance on The View. I had to check that out because, now i'm obsessed with her. She said "It was really wonderful to see people out there defending me so I didn't have to" WTF!!! This whole incident completely flew over her head. TAYLOR YOU NEED TO BE ABLE TO STAND UP FOR YOURSELF!!! YOU NEED TO BE STRONG FOR YOURSELF!!! You can't expect everyone to do your dirty work for you.

I'm happy that Kanye apologized, I felt the sincerity. But Taylor didn't learn shit. Hope this doesn't happen to her again. Home girl needs to take a self defense class or something. something that makes her feel empowering.

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