Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Blame it on .. San Juan!! .. Dias Uno! QUICKie POST

So today we arrived @ our hotel.  Love, Love, Love it!!! 

here's a quick video .. it's annoying as hell, all you hear are my shoes clicking and see the camera bumping up and down; but give me a break, I haven't slept in 2 days.  So me slurring my words are the effects of fatigue.  

We dined @ Varita .. out appetizers were something called  "

peononitos".  <----spelled incorrectly!!

 i'm annunciating 

lol..  It's fried plantains with some type of meat in the center.  One word-Delicious. i'll look up the correct spelling and the mystery center when I have more time.  Everyone gave the food 3 stars .. Our waitress Michelle was superb.

I was hungry so i licked the plate clean.  I promise to NEVER skip breakfast again in my LIFE!     

anywho .. im about to leave .. i'm going to take advantage of their 24hour happy hour.  

What would you call that exactly? Enternal Happyness?  lol @ "Happyness"

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